Steel Toe Boots

Composite Toe Boot


Composite toe boots are very much similar to steel toe boots, but not the exact same as them. As the name indicates, composite toe boots have different type of composite material usually a combined of plastic,carbon fiber, kevlar aramid fiber in them instead of steel . They also known as “Comp toe”.

Since they don’t contain metal, composite toes are much more comfortable while working outdoors especially in extreme conditions. Because they do not get heat up or cool off easily. They are very much sustainable in those conditions.

Again, the materials in composite boots do not conduct electricity. They have remarkably better electrical resistance than any other work boots in the market. If you work regularly around live wires or other electronic components , composite toe boots are best option for your workplace. Check out our website for effective information on work safety boots.

Composite toes are also very much lighter in weight. That means it will consume less energy of it’s wearer when walking at the same time giving more comfort. The comp toes also provide great support and help to prevent muscle problem of the feet and leg, back pain while working on hard surfaces or standing for a long period of time. The manufacturers are working on more to make these boots more lighter by incorporating carbon fiber.

Composite toe boots have great usage in the areas where protective footwear is needed along with people compelled to go through metal detectors like in prisons nuclear workstations, security industry, and airport or the transportation industry. Because the materials used in this kind of boots are non-metallic.

The composite toe shoes now come in many different styles, sizes and brands to give you a large number selection while buying. In fact, Comp toes are more favourite than other work boots because of their styles, looks and lightweight. Though they are more expensive compared to other safety footwear in most of the cases but they really worth it. If budget is not a problem and workplace doesn’t demand particular type of workboot of their own, one can easily switch to Composite toe boot for it’s protective features and also the level of comfort that it provides.